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Posted on March 6, 2015


by Clay Camppbell
Three things that men want usually is simple.  Five things that are important to women gets more complicated.
The Man's Three:

1.    Food - A man can go out and kill something and drag it home but (in most cases) he wants the woman to cook it.
2.    Sex - He wants sex as a dog wants water. He needs it mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually
3.    Recognition of his accomplishments - A man needs a cheerleader much like a sports team has a cheerleader; to cheer him on in good times and bad times; when he makes the shot, and when he misses it; when he gets the raise, and when he gets fired.

A woman is more complicated. She needs five things just like a man needs his three. If her man gives her these five, she usually will lay down her life for him. She will be true to him and love him till death do them part. She will give him food, sex and recognition if he will just give her these in a loving way so that she believes that he means it.
The Woman's Five:

1.    She needs affection. A pat on the arm, a gentle message of the shoulders, a kiss on the cheek, a gentle touch, a foot rub with lotion, a soft smile that says you mean the world to me.


2.    She needs attention. Her man must pay attention to her. Tell her she looks great. Open the door for her, tell her she is attractive to him. Compliment her verbally on her cooking, decorating, make-up, house cleaning, love making, and abilities. If she's the mother of your children, assure her she is the best mom ever.

3.    She needs adoration.  A woman needs to be adored just as a flower needs rain. A card when it's not her birthday with something mushy on it. It's OK to buy one but it really works best if you get a blank card with a pretty flower on it, or a cute kitten and then write something in your own handwriting. If you can't think of anything just write this:
"Honey I was going by a store and was thinking about you, so I parked the car went in a got this blank card. I wanted to write you a note to let you know that many times in the day while I'm at work, I think about you. And I just wanted you to know that."
* Guys you probably tell your wife that you love her, but you need to Show and Tell. These three things above demonstrate beyond a doubt, that you love her.  



4.    She needs conversation. Men, talk to her, asking her open ended questions.  Then shut up and look intently in her eyes, and she will talk your ears off! Remember if the wife starts an affair, you can bet it began with: "My husband never talks to me, and he never listens to me either." And the other man says, "Gee that's too bad... I can't imagine someone not wanting to talk to you...." 
Ask what she did that day. Ask her if she's happy with the life she has chosen. Ask her if she'd change anything. Ask her if you could take a nice trip to anywhere in the world, where would she like to go. Get the idea?  Talk to her as you did when you were dating.

5.    She needs security. Men, if you want your three things, and you give her the first four and think you're home free, forget it. She needs security. Now many feminists would say that is not so. But it is. The nesting instinct in a female is something you cannot change or alter. Men, she needs to know that you are not going to gamble away the life's savings; invest in some foolish, get-rich-quick deal; or spend money foolishly in any other way when it is needed for college, a home, decorating the home, buying furniture and accessories for the home. They need a sense of security.  You also need adequate life and health insurance.  She needs to know if something happens to you, she will financially be okay.   
* Guys, you probably tell your wife that you love her, but you need to Show and Tell. These things above demonstrate beyond a doubt, that you love her.


A woman usually will give her man what he needs, as long as he gives her these five things.

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