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Posted on November 18, 2016  · View Comments

by Jamie Futrell



I was getting ready to leave for a business trip in Bristol, VA. I was sharing with the kids just before I left about Psalms 34:19.  "The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all..." NIV.  I was explaining that we can always count on the Lord. It was a promise from Him.  In truth, I was teaching them something that I was struggling to believe myself.


Right now, we are selling items on eBay and on Amazon. Once an item is sold, it is very important that you get it out on time. Otherwise your reputation can be damaged. We had sold a book on Amazon, but we could not find it in our inventory anywhere. It was a homeschool book made by Abeka. Kimberly and Monica called me about it once i arrived in Bristol. I explained to them where it would be if we had it, and if it was not there then we didn't have it.  They looked and looked through the inventory and found nothing. It was very frustrating.  Kimberly was getting stressed. Both of us could remember already shipping this book out, which meant we probably accidentally listed it on eBay and Amazon at the exact same time.


A few weeks earlier we had purchased some books at a church yard sale. Kimberly went through every book they had and picked out the ones she thought she might want to buy. While she was still pulling books for her stack, I went and found someone willing to negotiate with me on the books. Kimberly wasn't planning on keeping them all, but when I told her that I had negotiated $5 for her big stack. She said, "Great, I'll just keep them all then."


We still had them in a stack at our house where they had been for a couple of months waiting to be processed and placed into inventory.  Monica, my oldest, asked her mom, "Why don't you look through those books and see if there is a copy of one in there?"


Kimberly scoffed at the thought. The odds of finding any homeschool books at a yard sale are super slim. Homeschoolers pay lots of money for their books, and they sell them to each other.  The chance of there being any homeschool books in that stack would be extremely low, and to find the exact book we had already sold and were now in desperate need of finding and getting shipped out immediately would be nothing less than a miracle. Kimberly started through the stack and she couldn't believe it.  There it was! Not only the exact same book but it was in better shape than the one we described! God had done it! He did exactly what he promised to do in Psalms 34:19.  We must have faith. God will always come through. Just as he promised.  Sometimes we just have to stand on the Word.  That's how we become Men Who Win.


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