Men Who Win is a ministry of Iron Sharpens Iron Inc. We are a band of brothers who refused to wear masks and to play games. We are friends, learning together, what living by the power of Christ is all about.

The Christian ministry of Men Who Win is guys who are intentional about loving and living out passionate lives – the kind that’s possible only under God’s empowerment.

Based in Paducah, Kentucky, this Christian men's ministry is a non-profit corporation. Private donations bankroll our activities on the radio, on-line, conferences, books, small group Bible studies, CD’s, and DVD’s.

Over 100 Radio Show Topics are available. Listen to the best of Gary's "Men Who Win" radio broadcasts.

Gary tackles very difficult subjects and makes them fun with music and humor.

Gary Chester hosts MenWhoWin.com pod casts and radio shows. Gary is the author/narrator of audio books and of a small group Bible study.

Radio Show Topics